A Battle for the Soul – Hidden Voices from India’s Past event posterThe CTLA team are involved in a series of cultural events throughout 2016, starting with a reading by theatre artist Annie George at the Scottish Storytelling Centre on Thursday 26 May. Battle for the Soul – Hidden Voices from India’s Past explores questions of faith and culture in colonial India. This storytelling event invites the audience to step into the world of nineteenth-century India, with music, images and readings from accounts written by men and women.

We have planned a series of three poetry writing workshops, Self-Transformations: Writing Faith Journeys in Verse, for anybody who has experienced religious conversion. Working in partnership with Scottish Poetry Library, we have invited four Scottish poets who write about their faith and transformation to run these workshops in November. The final workshop, on November 18, coincides with and celebrates Scottish Interfaith Week. That evening all those who had attended the poetry workshops are invited to read their poetry along with our four poets at the Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh. An intimate gathering over fine food and poetry, we look forward to bringing people together to talk about the challenges of putting religious experience into words.

Our last event for 2016 is Transformations in Faith: Exploring Hopes and Fears, a participatory theatre workshop which will be held on November 24 in collaboration with Active Inquiry and World Kitchen in Leith Team and as part of Being Human Festival 2016 . A participatory theatre workshop, it invites participants to explore religious concepts through their bodies, using techniques from Image and Forum Theatre. Leith Open Space’s World Kitchen Team have promised us a sumptuous dinner that also provokes us to think about our food choice and religious identity. What hopes and fears do we bring to

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