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A Dinner Cooked by the World Kitchen Team in Leith: food for thought?

Plate of apples

The World Kitchen Team were involved with us from the start after Gavin introduced me to Fay Young.

Working with the communities in Leith and Edinburgh, Fay (http://www.leithopenspace.co.uk/) had plenty of experience supporting events for the wider community. She was very interested in the issues that we as a research team were investigating and we had plenty to talk about regarding religious identities, religious conversion and the kinds of barriers around religion that keep people apart. The rest of the team were as interested in participating Fay reported. They were happy to cook us a full meal on the evening.

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The Languages of Religion: Translating Hopes and Fears….

Leith Theatre event

On a cold, crisp November evening, we welcomed our participants at the grand and recently renovated Leith Theatre.

We could see everyone was a bit wary, wondering what exactly they had signed up for! Gavin, warm and friendly and well used to meeting nervous participants, soon put them at ease. After a round of introductions, including Gavin on image theatre and myself about the research project, we played some fun ‘warm up’ games. One of the activities for instance involved the group working together in sets of three to make distinct shapes (alternating between ‘tree’,

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Explorations through Being Human Festival 2016

How can we explore in meaningful ways how languages construct concepts related to the sacred?

Looking for creative means to approach this rather abstract question, I came across the work of Active Inquiry (http://www.activeinquiry.co.uk/) and contacted Gavin Crichton its artistic director to see if techniques from Image theatre might be of any help. Gavin thought that this was certainly possible and was enthusiastic about giving it a try. We discussed theatre techniques that had been developed by the Brazilian theatre practitioner Augusto Baol (1931-2009) and whether these could be used to pick apart and analyse concepts considered central to religions.

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Transformation in Faith: Exploring Hopes and Fears

Explore the hopes and fears caused by experiences of religious conversion. Participate in our innovative theatre workshops to explore how families and communities can respond to conversion sensitively. The World Kitchen Team will provide a themed meal following the workshops, where we can discuss food choice, religious identity and conversion.

In order create a rich and meaningful event, there will be a mix of people from all faiths and none. Everyone will have experienced, or have an interest in, religious conversion.

In order to help us, please register your interest for this event.

Once you have registered you will be sent two short questions to answer to determine your eligibility for attendance and for us to design a workshop that is most suited to all attending.

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