Born: 1698/99

Died: 1745


Designation: catechist, pastor

Significant dates in life:
appointed schoolmaster in Tarankampati 1717 or 1718; baptised 1718; appointed sub-catechist 1719; married, birth of fourth child and death of first wife 1731; second marriage 1732; ordination to pastor 28 Dec 1733;

Caste: Vellela

Denomination: Protestant (Lutheran)

Changed denomination to: Unknown

Summary of the document:

attracted to Christianity by reading the Bible and poverty/job opportunity

People named in the document:

father: Sorcanáda-pullei

Occasion of the document's production: Ordination

Document data

Des Catecheten Aarons Lebenslauf, so, wie er ihn selbst aufgesetzet hat

Document details:
published; original oral presentation of cv 28 Dec 1733

Publication details:

Hallesche Berichte part 4, Halle 1735/1742, pp. 168-171


Nicolaus Dal, Martin Bosse, C. F. Preßier, C. T. Walther, Andreas Worm, S. B. Richtsteig

Narrative voice: 1st person

Places mentioned: Atschaburam, Katalur, Tarankampati, Tirumulleiwasel

Document language: German

Narrative language: Tamil