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Self-Transformations: Faith Journeys in Verse

‘Self-Transformations: Faith Journeys in Verse’ is a series of workshops throughout November focusing on the power of poetry in narrating stories of faith transformation. Four experienced poets – Alan Spence, Georgi Gill, Sam Tongue, and Tariq Latif – each of whom will contribute a blog post before the event.

The final poetry-reading event, a part of Scottish Interfaith week, will take place at Edinburgh’s Storytelling Centre on 18 November. If you are interested in taking part, please Download the Self-Transformations Poetry Workshop poster (PDF).

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Self-Transformations: Writing Faith Journeys in Verse – Georgi Gill

When Hephzibah contacted the Scottish Poetry Library to discuss her ideas for a series of poetry workshops exploring faith, conversion and spiritual awakenings, I was fascinated from the outset.

To lay my cards on the table, I don’t approach the subject of faith from a conventional or easily defined position. As the daughter of a lapsed Methodist mother and a sometime Buddhist father, my spiritual cultural inheritance is something of a hotchpotch. I practise meditation fairly regularly and, like most British people who wouldn’t describe themselves as Christian, each year I relish wrapping presents and scoffing mince pies while a choir sings Christmas carols on the radio.

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